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10th of April 1997

As much as I am excessively fond of any suggestion of self-improvement, I must say that even once a minute is once a minute too much. Minerva set me up last night (I suspect it was done on purpose too), and so I found myself facing Vector over the staff room chess table instead, with only Sprout patting one of her more pathetic plants (I hope it got smacked to death in the end) over in the far corner as moral support.

Not that I think I would actually have received some from that plant pimp—she tried forcing me to adopt a sunflower in Greenhouse One once—but it is an expression I like to haul into my words of choice whenever Vector is concerned.

I shall have to deal with Minerva later, though she’ll probably spew out some questionable rubbish about my needing to socialise with others than her (and her) for a bit.

Of course, I want to point out something. I do socialise. I am constantly surrounded by insolent scoundrels determined to blow up as many cauldrons during one lesson as is mathematically possible, not to mention the occasionally squeaking being whose source of noise is located just above my knee (after a couple of years identified to be Flitwick). A good lash-out solves the latter problem quite nicely, naturally, but still the members of a school faculty must be some of the most socialising people on the whole blasted planet, so I do believe Minerva is quite wrong in her assumptions of my very limited social life.

Also, I spoke to Rodolphus the other day.

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