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3rd of February 1997, evening

Splendid. I am now rid of yet another pair of people whose so-called friendship did nothing but annoy me immensely. The next time I see them—they will pay. And Black even more so. Standing there, simply watching as if we provided the most amusing entertainment possible—some things never change. If anything positive could ever come out of this, it would be someone catching sight of and recognising his revolting dog form and send him back to Azkaban, where he truly belongs. As a matter of fact, all three of them could do would some time in there—I would sure like to see them trying to fuck with Dementors all the while trying to join in.

I never truly liked her anyway, she merely proved to be an available shag.

Oh fuck, I did not need to spill that ink all over the parchment.

Right. The matter must be closed for good. I will not unnecessarily brood over it when I know I am capable of avoiding it. So. Assigning some detentions would probably keep my mind off things—I am sure Longbottom would be delighted at ripping out the nails from all those fingers I have lying scattered around the place, I will be needing them for my experiments rather soon.

Moving on to other happy thoughts, Dumbledore’s presence is more than ever acquired. That Patil girl in Ravenclaw is still gone, the coffee in this place is not as strong as it used to and Flitwick wants me to cut my hair. All very valid reasons, I perfectly know it, but all the same.

My nose is however back to normal. What I consider normal, that is. I am sure Fletcher would have loved to see the pitiable result he got with his hook—not very accomplished at anything, that man. He probably cannot even find the way to her bed without clearly labelled signs saying ‘Embarrassment, this way’.
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