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21 February 1997

Well. Another pathetic little letter with a little something attached once again found its way into my hands, though certainly not with my consent.

And during a blasted staff meeting as well. (If I ever get hold of the one who suggested Monday morning was a suitable time for something as appalling as that, I do not know if I can be held responsible for my actions.)

Hullo Sevvie-dear,
heres something I know you’ll like and even have a use for even. The Easy Care for Greasy Hair shampo will make you’r hair even prettier, if that’s possibl, hehe. Its not illegal to wash your hair in England, you know. Ah, you naughgty boy!

Much love and kisses,
your little admirer

If I had not known better I would have said it was from Malfoy senior and his ridiculous Death Prettiery.

Though obviously it isn’t (I sincerely hope so, anyway). Same odd handwriting as the last. Sinistra certainly had a laugh when she saw it, then again the rest of the staff did too. Could she not for once have put sleep as her first priority instead of that wretched meeting, giving her an excellent opportunity not to be a general pain in the arse of everyone silly enough ever to have placed themselves within a ten-feet radius of her? Speaking of arses … no, maybe not.

And Minerva should not be allowed that early in the morning. Simple as that.

Perhaps I ought to try it. Just for the experiment’s sake, of course. It’s most likely useless anyway, no matter who sent it.

As for the potion, I am getting somewhere, absolutely. Though I have had to restock quite a lot of Healing Potions, the potion keeps splashing onto me. In any case, when the next full moon occurs, I shall have to conduct a bit of experimenting to be completely sure that it will not be far too affected by the moon phases.

Speaking of which, the Wolfsbane must also be brewed. Well, at least it is better than demonstrating that bloody Boil-Curing Potion over and over again to those acne-infested fifth-year imbeciles who are incapable of remembering anything of remote relevance to the matter that I covered in their very first lesson. Hufflepuffs, the lot—apparently hardworking seems not to be a synonym to attentive.

Why do I even bother.
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