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14 March 1997

I have unfortunately been notified of Parkinson’s return, and also just which of the world’s merciful and thus brainless Samaritans who saw to it. While my opinion of this matter would be best off being somewhere else, I can at least say that Parkinson being forced to study is one of the better things that have happened to her, not of course surpassing the time her not quite finished Aging Potion exploded and left her face with several interesting protuberances.

But enough happy reminiscing. Things are happening, though of what nature I am not entirely sure. What I do know is that marks are dropping severely, and if things do not get back to normal (meaning nothing under Acceptable in my class), there will be some most dissatisfying consequences … but not for me, naturally.

In other news, I find it difficult to sleep well these days, but then again that would hardly cause a headline in The Prophet, as it has been known to happen before. I will at length try and avoid sleeping potions since those have a tendency of slowly making the user addicted to them, and I need hardly add that that is not exactly desirable.
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