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Halloween was the usual dreadful business, this year even more so, as I had the pleasure of having the rather annoying brightly orange robe of Lockhart’s in my direct line of vision all the feast. At least the evening passed without any major incidents as have been the nature of past celebrations.

I have started the attempt of reorganising my ingredients. Formerly, they were merely alphabetised. Now I shall make a system so intricately devised that no other than myself will be able to locate any of them in a reasonable amount of time; this to delay any intruders trying to snatch whatever strikes their fancy just long enough for me to manage getting there in time to catch them.

I am rather looking forward to the completion of this.

I am also looking forward to Mahler on Sunday. I only hope that the orchestra will pull itself together for once, I know of their reputation as a rather accepted orchestra in the wizarding world, though personally I have to admit that I have certainly heard better. The Heidelberg Philharmonic is exquisitely refined in their musical interpretations, whereas the Hogsmeade Symphony Orchestra in comparison is only starting to learn how to operate their instruments. The only good recording of the HSO is in my opinion the Beethoven’s 7th of 1983, where they were particularly lucky with the conductor and his way of working. I only hope Sindre Holseth will do half as well as Geoffrey Wolti, and then Sunday’s performance will be quite pleasurable. Also, going with Sinistra shall prove to be interesting. Perhaps Sinistra, after this, will learn to appreciate Mahler as he deserves.
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