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I am sorry.

That part was at least true. Though misinterpreting it may happen to the best of us, as I suppose happened to her as well.

I am sorry about breaking it off so quickly. I am sorry about walking away.

Good God, I wanted her yesterday. I may be basing my opinions on very vague assumptions here, but--if she was doing what I think she was doing—and the very fact that I think I was doing what I think she was doing--I think I might very possibly be quite insane. And very desperate as well.

I know that looking forward to working with her again would seem suspicious to any rational mind, so I shall be content with looking forward to… getting sloshed with Mundungus again. Yes. That would seem like a good thing to be counting down the days for. Which I’m obviously not. Mundungus can have his own blasted private amusement of drinking with me, but no bloody way is he going to get me to spend any money on it.

Birthday tomorrow. If any of the staff even so much as attempt opening their gossiping mouths to squeak out something they prefer to call a birthday song instead of deafening pandemonium with no regard for intonation nor quality whatsoever, I shall personally--do something. Oh yes.
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