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Flitwick has been strutting around rather jauntily lately. From his disgustingly smug look, we can all tell he has got some bed-action.

Hmm. I did not know Flitwick uses a prostitute whenever he feels frustrated.

In other news, Potter has been disappointingly quiet the last couple of weeks, thus forcing me to deduct ten points for lack of oral activity in my subject. Such a shame. However, the rest of the students are certainly not letting their jaws stay immobile for a second—I feel a headache coming on.

I may or may not fail the entire fourth year’s essays because of this. I can only stand reading through so many misspellings and grammatical errors before I, well, can’t stand it any more. What we need at this place is a bloody English teacher, not some fashion-obsessed nitwit who is fooling around in the hospital wing, smiling people to death and at the same time also making people quite happy to have passed away, because they then may never need to even think of the blasted imbecile again.
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