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27th of December, 1996

If anyone of you sadly enough should feel kept in breathless suspense, tricked or otherwise fiercely neglected, I can assure that it was done entirely on purpose, and not all the annoying garden gnomes in the world (I do appreciate the irony, Fletcher, but as you hinted at, I think my rubbish bin appreciates it even more) may make me change my mind. I will not be handing out presents like any Father Christmas who has applied one Cheering Charm too many to himself, nor will I ever do so in the future.

That being said, I must say I quite like the castle when it is so blessedly clean for students. May they choke on their Christmas puddings in peace.

I have done some reading. I have taken care of some, ahem, pressing correspondence, and I have happily disposed of all the (well, three of them, to be quite exact) so-called presents wrapped in gift paper from Zonko’s and carrying the handwriting of some of the more abominable students that Hogwarts has ever been unfortunate to hold.

The fact that I have just witnessed Trelawney getting sloshed on chocolate liqueurs in the staff room does of course help my spirits, but the subsequent incident in which she ended up snogging the mentally challenged house-elf that came up to wipe away her regurgitation is the thing that really sets this Christmas apart from the others.

That, and a couple of other occurrences.
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