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13th of February 1997

It has been an enjoyable week, entirely Potter-free as it has been, and the prospect of getting his extra homework tomorrow morning in for decapitation is hovering quite pleasantly over his empty seat.

However, I seem to detect a certain laziness about some of the Death Scouts lately, this had better be me having unpleasant dreams.

Like the rest of the world (undoubtedly), I am rather curious as to the outcome of Parkinson’s little trial. I shall only hope for a minimum of five months, then I will not have to see her again until next school year. Though wishful thinking has sadly enough never been one of my strongest sides.

I think I should probably go and make another batch of Calming Concoctions, if not for anything else than that all of Parkinson’s regular customers will probably go through severe withdrawal as they indubitably are to idiotic to get some anywhere else.

Blasted teachers’ code.
Pomfrey mentioned she needed some.
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